Package viff :: Module active :: Class BasicActiveRuntime
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Class BasicActiveRuntime

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Basic runtime secure against active adversaries.

This class depends on either TriplesHyperinvertibleMatricesMixin or TriplesPRSSMixin to provide a get_triple method.

Instead of using this class directly, one should probably use ActiveRuntime instead.

Instance Methods [hide private]
get_triple(self, field) source code
mul(self, share_x, share_y)
Multiplication of shares.
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Inherited from passive.PassiveRuntime: __init__, add, input, lin_comb, open, output, pow, powerchain, prss_double_share, prss_key, prss_powerchain, prss_powerchains, prss_shamir_share_bit_double, prss_share, prss_share_bit_double, prss_share_random, prss_share_random_multi, prss_share_zero, shamir_share, sub, xor

Inherited from runtime.Runtime: abort, activate_reactor, add_player, fork_pc, handle_deferred_data, increment_pc, preprocess, print_transferred_data, process_deferred_queue, process_queue, schedule_callback, schedule_complex_callback, shutdown, synchronize, unfork_pc, wait_for

Static Methods [hide private]

Inherited from runtime.Runtime: add_options

Instance Variables [hide private]

Inherited from runtime.Runtime: activation_counter, deferred_queue, depth_counter, depth_limit, id, num_players, players, program_counter, protocols, threshold, using_viff_reactor

Inherited from runtime.Runtime (private): _needed_data, _pool

Method Details [hide private]

mul(self, share_x, share_y)

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Multiplication of shares.

Preprocessing: 1 multiplication triple. Communication: 2 openings.

Overrides: runtime.Runtime.mul