If you need help with VIFF or want to comment on anything, then please contact us by the channels listed below. We are very interested in any and all feedback, so please don’t be shy :-)

Mailing lists

There are three mailing lists associated with VIFF. They are all very low volume with at most a handful of mails per day.


This list is for general questions and discussions on the development of VIFF. Unless you have a patch, you should send your question here. Please subscribe to the list before posting because your post will end up in the spam limbo otherwise.

Any question can be sent there — VIFF is still a little rough around the edges, so please ask for help if you cannot get VIFF working! The list is archived locally, at Gmane (where you can read/post over NNTP using a newsreader) and at The Mail Archive.


This is where you will want to send your patches for VIFF. Don’t worry about filling the list with huge patch series – that is why the list is there!

You should subscribe to this list if you are interested in discussing the latest code before it ends up in the main repository.


This is a read-only list. Whenever something is pushed to the VIFF repository, a mail is sent to this list with a short description of the change.

Subscribe here if you want to be at the forefront of the development.


If you want to discuss something in realtime with the VIFF developers, then please join us at the #viff channel on

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