An Hash Based Broadcast Protocol

class viff.hash_broadcast.InconsistentHashException
class viff.hash_broadcast.HashBroadcastMixin

A weak-crusader broadcast scheme.

A value is send using send_value and when received a hash is generated and exchanged among the receivers. If a receiver receives a hash which is not equal to the one he generated, then he aborts. Else he returns the received value and the computation continues.

broadcast(senders, receivers, message=None)

Broadcast the messeage from senders to receivers.

Returns a list of deferreds if the calling player is among the receivers and there are multiple senders. Returns a single element if there is only on sender, or the calling player is among the senders only.

The order of the resulting list is guaranteed to be the same order as the list of senders.

Senders and receivers should be lists containing the id of the senders and receivers, respectively.

Note: You send implicitly to your self.

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