Planned Work on VIFF

This document collects the bigger pieces of work we plan to do on VIFF — pieces too big for the bug tracker.

Active Security

The protocol implemented in is (believed to be) secure against active adversaries, but only as long as they don’t actually try to cheat! In other words, the players will crash in bad ways if malformed data is received or too few shares are received.

The following points should be addressed:

  • Error correction. The honest players must tolerate being sent wrong shares or no shares at all from the corrupt players.

    This is related to Issue4, Issue29, and Issue70.

  • Byzantine agreement. After the preprocessing phase a Byzantime agreement protocol should be run in order to determine if all honest players are ready to continue.

    At the moment an honest players simply aborts the protocol if it detects any form of cheating — the “idea” being that this will make the other honest players crash too, thereby effectively halting the protocol.

Covert Adversaries

Implement an actively secure protocol for a covert adversary and threshold t < n/2. The goal is to have almost the same complexity as for the passive case. Martin Geisler is working on a paper describing a solution.

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